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Finding a Philosophy

25 Apr 16
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Group Name: Ladies of Education

Group Members: Amarcia Drains, Patricia Phillips, Contessia Humphrey, Naveta Barry

Finding a Philosophy

  1. The ideal teacher is one that is very creative and always has something different and unique going on inside the classroom; she is an over the top lesson planner .An ideal teacher will always know the content of the subject he or she is teaching just and all around scholar, and constantly reading and upgrading themselves. The Ideal teacher will also have a great sense of humor , always having a smile on his or her face .she has the highest degree of intergrity.An ideal teacher is concise and clear in both oral and written expression in the classroom. The ideal teacher is patient and has a love for her children. The ideal teacher will also be self-confident and always be willing to go above and beyond for his or her students. The ideal teacher will also be a great role model for his or her students.
  2. This teacher is important because she is able to interact with people and help them understand a new way of looking at the world. This is not an easy job!! If you’re unprepared or impatient these qualities will be reflected in the attitude of your students.
  3. The best teacher strategies use would be: Teacher clarity, classroom discussion, feedback, formative assessment, and metacognitive strategies
  4. The first teacher I ever encountered that resembled these qualities was my 3rd grade teacher Mrs.Strickland she was just the best we always had something fun going on in her classroom, every time we would go into the room it was so full of color it made you wanted to learn and come right in and start working .Mrs.Strickland always had a smile on her face and she always made you feel like the smartest kid in the world.
  5. The teacher would ensure success in her classroom by having defined curricular objective each week , the teacher will assess students on those objectives at the end of the week, then based on assessment results the teacher will pair his or her students up for either a reteach of the lesson or a enrich session .The reteach would be for the students would didn’t master the subject area covered for that week and the teacher would use a different approach to get them to better understand the information being taught .And the enrich session would be for the students who have master the lesson and are able to move on to experience other lessons.
  6. I would say that comparing myself to the ideal teacher right now would be a little hard because this is my first year teaching, However I know for sure I will always have a positive attitude when it comes to teaching my students. Being creative is always going to be at the top of my list because I won’t my class to always be welcoming and have the students enjoy coming into the classroom will never stop learning to better myself and build my skills to get the knowledge out to my children.
  7. What is an effective teacher?

An effective teacher is one that is always prepared she comes to class ready to teach and engaged her students in learning. She is always positive, and has an optimistic attitude about teaching and she will always make herself available to her students, she give praise and recognition when its needed .She communicate with her students about their progress and always keep the lines of communicate open. The most effective teacher will also hold high expectations for all her students consistently challenging her students to do their best.Lately an effective teacher will also be compassionate concerned about her students personal problems and can relate to them and their problems.

  1. Teacher effectiveness mostly will be measured by the impact they have on students’ academic performance as well as achievement test scores this tells us something but by no means everything about how well teachers are meeting expectations. Student’s growth percentiles also provide use with a simple way of comparing the improvement of one teachers’ effectiveness.